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The OECD runs blogs on issues facing society today. Read what OECD staff and expert guest bloggers have to say about topics as varied as unemployment, pensions, improving education and measuring progress.

Join the discussion on one or more of our blogs and make your voice heard.

- The Forum Network

The Forum Network builds on the dynamic and engaging debates which take place at the OECD’s annual Forum, and is an online space bringing together opinion and commentary from global thought leaders and experts from policymaking, civil society, academia, business and more.

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- Development Matters

The OECD Development Matters blog offers a platform for open and informed discussions on pressing development opportunities and challenges.

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- Ecoscope

The OECD Ecoscope blog will discuss the full range of macroeconomic, structural and well-being issues at the heart of the OECD’s work.


- Education and Skills Today

The OECD edutoday blog provides global perspectives on education and skills. It discusses existing and emerging issues in education, including international student performance (PISA), skills for the 21st century, developments in higher education and early childhood learning, and more.


- Environment Focus

The OECD Environment Focus blog aims to increase dialogue on a variety of environmental topics among policy makers, experts and the general public. Blog authors include OECD policy experts writing about their current field of research reaching out to the wide public across the world to generate discussion.

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- Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) blog

The OECD OPSI blog focuses on emerging practice and identifying what’s next in the field of public sector innovation.


- OECD Cogito 

The OECD Cogito blog aims to share leading analysis related to Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Tourism, Regions and Cities policies.


- OECD on the level

OECD on the level is dedicated to the quest for a "level playing field" for government, business and society.


- OECD Statistics

The OECD Statistics blog showcases our cutting edge work on statistics spanning every domain, bringing together data stories from across the OECD and the wider international statistical community.


- Skills and Work

The OECD skills and work blog is a platform that aims to share leading analysis related to the skills of the workforce, how skills are used at work, the mismatch between skills and jobs’ requirements and how countries assess and respond to changing skill needs.


- The AI Wonk

The AI Wonk is a space where experts share their experiences and research on artificial intelligence (AI). It is an ongoing conversation about the OECD AI principles and how to best share and shape trustworthy AI policies that benefit individuals, communities and economies.



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